Zap Stress and Take Action

We can often get into a state of anxious paralysis to the point where we feel like a rabbit caught frozen-still in the headlights of an on-coming car.

How does this happen? Well if you have big ambitions for your career or business then you no doubt have a big picture in your mind of what must happen for you to succeed. Perhaps it’s making a certain amount of profit in a period or year, or getting promoted or developing winning relationships.

Now thinking big like this can be a very good way to get to where you want to go.

On the other hand, as I find with my clients it can often be the source of stress and paralysis. Let me explain. A common scenario that means my client is suffering this kind of paralysis is when they say: ’I’m losing sleep because I get loud, anxious thoughts swimming around about not having achieved enough and my big goal is impossible’.

Or perhaps my client describes an increasing inability to present or perform well because they’re worried about the damage they may do to their career prospects if they’re not perfect.

Sound familiar? What I would suggest to both of these clients is to decide consciously to daily take action toward their big picture.
Or even better to think big picture but to paint one small piece at a time.

So if your big picture is to have enough profit at the end of the year then decide on a daily basis what small step you can take to ensure this. It might be to buy a software programme to make it easier for you to input your expenditure and income. Or to investigate the cost of a professional accountant to keep your finances in order.

Whatever it is you decide to do when you consciously and regularly do it, it has the effect of coding in your mind that the big picture is actually getting completed. And that means your mind is able to record the evidence that the big picture is possible and allows it to build the next constructive step to take..

Making sense to you now? So what do you see yourself doing on a regular basis towards achieving your big picture or dream? Write it down now and start making your dream come true . . . . .

Hypnotherapy helps cancer patients

I have come to realize that the power of the mind is staggering. I was working the other day with a client who suffered from severe back pain that limited her both mentally and physically. She believed that her pain was something sinister and suspected it was cancer. Such thoughts rushed through her mind at night keeping her awake, damaging her health further and making her feel even more tired and helpless during the day.

We worked together on creating a calm mind space for her so that she could allow her subconscious to get to work on the healing process. Through regression we pin-pointed a significant event in her past that led her to have little belief in herself and that meant she could not move forward. Once she had been able to re-process this event her progress was swift.

The woman’s fears that she had cancer reminded me of a recent BBC headline claiming that hypnosis should be a core therapy in the treatment of cancer.

Phyllis Alden, consultant psychologist in the department of clinical oncology at Derbyshire Royal Infirmary, made this claim a couple of years ago: “It helps people achieve control of their emotions and be calm and relaxed. It can also help in symptom control, for example treating pain and nausea.”

Most anyone can be hypnotized and therefore benefit. Learning the art of self hypnosis is a life enhancing skill, that once learned can help you reduce and manage pain, prepare for demanding situations, discover and reconnect to inner resources and abilities and generally be more self aware.

A simple way to introduce yourself to the power of self-hypnosis is to find a few quiet moments where you can sit quietly and become aware of your breathing. As you do this find something a little above eye level to rest your eyes on as you continue to be gently aware of your breathing, noticing as you do that it slows right down. Now just keep your eyes fixed on that spot and notice the rest of the room or environment that you’re aware of on the edges of your vision, be aware of the feeling of your body in the chair and your feet on the floor and just stay with your breathing happening gently all by itself and notice how your state has changed. This is just the beginning of how to enter a state of trance where your mind has a single focus and therefore increased power to resolve problems or heal your body.

Sometimes we don’t appreciate the level of stress we have become used to and this is dangerous, it can lead to serious illness. If you’re in any doubt take a self assessment here check your levels of stress here and if they are higher than you thought decided to take some action today before it’s too late.